Music Video: Day of the Triffids

Heres a music video I’ve uploaded to You Tube. ‘Day of the Triffids’ song is about five years old now. Wrote about three songs for a prog folk concept album exploring the story of Day of the Triffids with a utopian surf twist, but gave up and ended up doing a 10 track album called The Great British Weather instead. The Video I filmed last Monday. Follow the link for the title track (Thank your stars it’s only 3 minutes long)

Haunted Tank

Haunted Tank is a five issue mini series published by Vertigo. Written by Frank Marraffion. I Bought a model M1-A1 tank to get some good angles. Here are a few samples.

The Spirit of Hope

The Spirit of Hope is a Charity book set up after the Tsunami in Japan with money raised going to the Red Cross. This had a huge response from creators who wanted to get involved and the end result is a book much bigger than previously planned. I worked on two pages (heres the first) written by Geoffrey D. Wessel  and Emma Flint on lettering. Here are a few links to follow for more information