Hospital sketch book pages

A recent trip to hospital saw an opportunity to do some sketches. I’d been pumped full of all kinds of drugs and was in a very content and peaceful state of mind. Two of them are sketches of the nurses (the big eyed nurse was on night duty). I was looked after really well. One is a sketch waiting for the train back home from Paddington Station. (I’m better by the way).

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-7Untitled-5

3 Comments on “Hospital sketch book pages”

  1. nexuswookie says:

    Those are absolutely amazing, Mr. Flint! The first one in particular is very evocative of Picasso – but more spectacular! The second and third one are also brilliant, i love the detail in all of them. I wish i had a copy of one so i could frame it up on my wall! Just looking at your artwork from your earlier works to your most recent, i must say i have not encountered a more versatile artist than yourself, save a select few (MacNeil and D’Israeli come to mind).

    Might i also add, that it is a joy to see you back on board 2000ad with the new Zombo series! Maybe you can share a few original b&w panels of your artwork like you did with the Day of Chaos, a while ago? When you have the time of course. I find the whole artistic process fascinating.

    Thank you for sharing your sketches with us, awesome stuff indeed!


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