Factory Road Gallery

Friday the 1st June sees Factory Road Gallery’s opening night featuring work by DJFood and me. Work from his album The Search Engine, 12″ disc artwork, comic pages, pages from doodle book Broadcast and much much more.


Be sure to drop by if you live around the Leicestershire area (they have special DJFood chocolate bars!!!)

Factory Road’s Blog http://factoryroadgallery.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/dj-food-and-henry-flint.html

Kev’s DJFood website. http://www.djfood.org/djfood/factory-road-gallery-goodies


Days of Chaos covers

Here are two 2000ad covers and their roughs for Judge Dredd’s Days of Chaos story written by John Wagner. Also a Judge Death sketch thrown in at the end there.

Tribute to Brett Ewins

My tribute to Brett Ewins for http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/ who is still in Wormwood Scrubs. he was the first professional to contact me when I was 17, 5 years before getting my first break. Thanks for the encouragement, Brett. learn more about his case here and spread the word… http://tonyvwright.tumblr.com/post/18909727661/brett-ewins


Hide from the Monster

This weekend sees Puck Studio release a number of three colour screen prints by Devon artists for Pick me up London at Somerset House. Here’s, also, my digital copy before print.

One Page Graphic Novel


Welcome to a new story telling medium… the One Page Graphic Novel. Is this a gimmick? Yes, probably.

Keith is a dustman who is shot into the future by a Time Vortex. He meets three companions and they start an epic adventure and It’s up to you to fill in the gaps.

(This is a low resolution copy but if you click on the image you should still be able to read the smaller text).

More stories to follow so if you liked this please Tweet, Facebook and spread the word.

Many thanks,


The Life Cycle of a Machine – Limited edition print

Drawn by me and coloured by StricklyKev. The Life Cycle of a Machine (originally The Life Cycle of a Frog, but without frogs) is for the EP cover, The Shape of Things that Hum by DJFood from Ninja Tunes.

It’s Limited to 33 signed prints so get your skates on if you want one.

Follow this link to the shop… http://scraffer.com/shop/?p=116

This is the first of 4  print runs each with a different design.

Wow… Look at the 3D affect…oooh

Zombo Cover for 2000AD