Gears of War #7

Inking on tracing paper over the top of Simon Bisley’s amazing pencils for issue seven of Gears of War. Heres a few..

House of Mystery

The first two pages of House of Mystery from a few years back.

Broadcast The TV Doodles of Henry Flint

I’ve been working on these black and white illustrations for the past four or five years not thinking they would be published. Now it looks like they will be, ACE! It all started with the idea of drawing and watching TV at the same time…Tune in, zone out and draw random. The book will be written by Cy Dethan (Cancer Town, Slaughterman’s Creed) and will be released in November 2010. Theres a link for more information.

Shakara cover (final episode)

2000ad cover for final episode. Final version and rough colour sketch.

Shakara cover

2000ad wraparound cover for last series of Shakara written by Robbie Morrison. Shows ‘World Engine’ a planet driven like a motocycle by our hero. Here is rough layout, inks and colours.