Hospital sketch book pages

A recent trip to hospital saw an opportunity to do some sketches. I’d been pumped full of all kinds of drugs and was in a very content and peaceful state of mind. Two of them are sketches of the nurses (the big eyed nurse was on night duty). I was looked after really well. One is a sketch waiting for the train back home from Paddington Station. (I’m better by the way).

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-7Untitled-5

Judge Dredd Megazine cover #333

Design point: wasn’t sure how this cover would be cropped so made sure the widest part of the sun lined up with the samurai’s eyes and with a great job from the cover designer it seems to have worked well. Also I’ve noticed many covers recently only using two main colours for a more eye catching design, so here decided to have a go and do the same.

Samurai Megazine B&W cover

Samurai Megazine cover


2000ad’s free comic book day

For this cover I was asked to draw three parody comic books taking off famous Superman, Spiderman and X-Men covers and changing them into 2000ad covers all read by a freaky alien. As you can see this had to be drawn in many parts and brought together for the final image. (Available in May).

B&W2012-10-02 13.44.15Dr & QuinchSpiderman & X-Menfree comicbook day coverRebellion-FCBD13_2000-AD